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Tri-Flow Pin Point Lubricator - 0.25 oz. (Blistercard) picture
Tri-Flow Pin Point Lubricator - 0.25 oz. (Blistercard)
Item# TFBC20027
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USD$ 8.99
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Tri-Flow Pin Point Lubricator - 0.25 oz. (Blistercard)
It’s refillable! The Pin Point Lubricator contains a superior, light viscosity lube that allows for deep penetration into hard to reach moving parts. High-grade petroleum oils provide optimum lubrication under extreme temperatures (-60 to 475°F) and humidity. Formulated solvents soften and remove dirt and contaminants, while special additives displace moisture and prevent rust and corrosion. Formulated with P.T.F.E.

APPLICATION: The single-drop precision of the Tri-Flow Pint Point Lubricator features a pocket clip, protective see through cap. Best of all – it’s refillable!

  • Bicycle/ Motorcycle: Chains, derailleur, suspension forks, hubs, pedals, headset, brakes, crank set, seat post
  • Recreation: rollerblade wheels & bearings
  • Home & Garden: door hinges, garage door track,hand tool hinges,keyholes, sewing machine oil points
  • Sportsman: triggers, action bars, firing pins assemblie,fishing reels
  • Automotive: door hinges, sliding doors, seat tracks
  • Marine: Boats, shackles, locks, blocks, hatches, bearings, snaps, winches, hinges
  • Fishing gear: Bearings, ball & guide bar

  • Ideal for all conditions - wet, dry, road and trail

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